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Leah Clearwater fans
Leah Clearwater - Breaking Dawn Part 1

Welcome to team_leah. This community is for fans of the greatly misunderstood Twilight character, Leah Clearwater. My name is jessereeves and I will be your Mod.

Feel free to post anything relating to Leah, icons, pics, fic, fan art, anything and everything. Even book or movie commentary regarding Leah, her family or past (or possibly future) relationships. What happens to Leah after Breaking Dawn? Theorize here. Got a Leah fanfic you've written? Post a link to it or post the whole thing, if it's behind an LJ-cut, here. Want to rant about how Leah's treated in the books? You can do that here too! Rants are also welcome against SMeyer's treatment of Leah as she wrote her in the books. As well as to rants against the possibility of Meyer writing about Leah again (via a Jacob/Nessie series *shudders*) and possibly ruining her. Warning. This community is not Bella and/or Edward friendly, in fact I can't stand either of them or Nessie. And I personally am not a Jacob fan either but I understand if some of you are. I personally hate Blackwater but fans of Jacob/Leah are also welcome here too. As I said anything and everything Leah Clearwater-related is welcome here.

Entry spam is not welcome and will be deleted on sight as will comment spam. No Leah-bashing (not well-thought criticism but bashing just for bashings sake) trolls will be permitted. Spite-fics are also welcome, as are crossover fics, (as long as they involve Leah, naturally) and fic recs.

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